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  • diastereomeric — adjective see diastereomer …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • diastereomeric — adjective Of or pertaining to a diastereomer …   Wiktionary

  • diastereomeric — dia·ster·e·o·mer·ic …   English syllables

  • Diastereomeric recrystallization — is a method of chiral resolution of enantiomers from a racemic mixture. It differs from asymmetric synthesis, which aims to produce a single enantiomer from the beginning, in that diastereomeric recrystallization separates two enantiomers that… …   Wikipedia

  • epimer — Diastereomeric monosaccharides that have opposite configurations of a hydroxyl group at only one position, eg. D glucose and D mannose …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Enantiomeric excess — The enantiomeric excess of a substance is a measure of how pure it is. In this case, the impurity is the undesired enantiomer (the opposite handed mirror image of a chiral compound). Definition Enantiomeric excess is defined as the absolute… …   Wikipedia

  • Kinetic resolution — In kinetic resolution, two enantiomers show different reaction rates in a chemical reaction, thereby creating an excess of the less reactive enantiomer.[1] This excess goes through a maximum and disappears on full completion of the reaction.… …   Wikipedia

  • Stereoisomerism — The different types of isomers. Stereochemistry focuses on stereoisomers Stereoisomers are isomeric molecules that have the same molecular formula and sequence of bonded atoms (constitution), but that differ only in the three dimensional… …   Wikipedia

  • Diastereomer — Diastereomers …   Wikipedia

  • Chiral derivatizing agent — A chiral derivatizing agent (CDA) also known as a chiral resolving reagent, is a chiral auxiliary which can convert a mixture of enantiomers into diastereomers in order to analyse the quantities of each enantiomer present within the mix. In NMR… …   Wikipedia